Welcome to IST’s Early Childhood Information Site


Welcome to the International School of Tanganyika’s Early Childhood Team Website. Here you will find what’s happening in Early Childhood classrooms and much more. Please note that the teachers do differentiate work in order to challenge each child individually, therefore your child may be working on a variation of what you see posted. Please check back often and feel free to leave us a message with your ideas, links and good thoughts. Asante!

The great outdoors…


We view our environment third teacher of our children. With that in mind we have been discussing how we can enhance our outdoor learning areas for both EC and KG children.

We are therefore asking for parents and the communities help in resourcing some of our new improved areas enhancing children’s play and therefore, learning. If anyone can help us set up a wood work area with the children, we are looking for expertise, tools, sourcing off cuts of wood (without nails and splinters)! We have already had some beautiful woodwork benches made:


Which, as you can see are very pretty and pristine! We would love to see them a bit more ‘used’.

Further areas coming up will include:

Water play- pumps, pouring, guttering and pipes.

Mud kitchen- a work in progress!

and many others!

Follow this page on pinterest to see other ideas and see where we are headed:

…and some videos to keep you mulling:


We look forward to hearing your thoughts!





Fine Motor Fun for the Holidays!


This semester the Early Childhood students have been spending a lot of time in the classroom working on their Fine Motor Skills.  These are things like, cutting, playing with playdough, drawing and writing,manipulating small toys like dominoes,  and many other activities which use the fingers and hands.  These are skills which are essential to success in the classroom and we would love to see them practicing at home on a regular basis.

IMG_2441 IMG_2449 IMG_2447

The Holidays are a great time for you and your child to spend working on their fine motor skills without even realizing it!  Please follow this link to a great website which will provide you plenty of ideas and more explanation if you’re interested, about how to help your child improve their Fine Motor Skills!